pixellusion is a full service VFX company offering services from planing and calculation to the final vfx shot delivery.


during preproduction we’re working closely with the client generating storyboards or previz/animatics to make sure we can get the most out of your budget.

VFX Supervising

on set supervision is essential to eliminate the room for error. our supervisors collect all neccessary data like set measurements, camera informations, hdri images etc to make the upcoming work for our vfx crew as easy as possible.


first step in our vfx pipeling is the tracking process. our tracking department calculates the cameradata and tracks moving objects as well as setting up the scenes with proxy geometry so the next department will know where to put the monsters / setextensions etc. and it seems like we know how to do our job because the big studios like scanline and pixomondo rely on our tracking services.

Modeling, 3D Animation & Shading

high end tools refined with inhouse techniques are used to create anything you can imagine.

digital fx

our realflow based fluid pipeline for liquids and many years of particle fx experience with thinking particles delivers digital water, fire, dust, smoke, mud …


this is where the computergenerated images from 3d will be merged with the real life background. working with nuke and aftereffects we deliver the highest quality possible.


in collaboration with wefadetogrey GmbH we can offer absolute high end colorcorrection using davinci resolve and again years of experience. check out wftg:

on set monitor inserts

our monitor team creates interactive screen inserts which can be controlled by your actors and filmed directly on set. including hardware rentals and setup/supervision on set!